Welcome to the Mind the Risk project’s final conference on 29 November!

How do humans react to genetic risk information?

For health care systems to be able to provide personalized treatment, genetic risk information is becoming increasingly relevant. Recently, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund (Barncancerfonden) and the infrastructure for genetic research, Genomic Medicine Sweden, decided to join forces to perform whole-genome sequencing for all children with cancer to provide a basis for improving treatment options. Genetic risk information is quickly becoming more accessible to healthy individuals as well, both through the healthcare system and through private actors. The information is complex, and many factors can affect the course of a disease. How do people respond to this kind of information? Is it always good to know, and how can you avoid negative effects and avoid raising unnecessary concerns about what the future holds?

These questions, and other questions like them, have been investigated by an international multidisciplinary research team for six years, under the management of Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics at Uppsala University. The research programme, Mind the Risk, was funded by the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond). Together with the national genomics initiative Genomic Medicine Sweden, Mind the Risk invites you to a conference to present the genomics research and the results of the project, and discuss benefits and risks together with different actors.

Register here: https://crb.uu.se/mind-the-risk/conference


Venue: Clarion Hotel Gillet, Uppsala

Organized by: Mind the Risk consortium, Uppsala University and Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS) and Region Uppsala – Innovation Akademiska
Funded by: The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences