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Genomic Medicine Sweden, GMS, paving the way for improved diagnostics, care and treatment.

Genomic Medicine Sweden DNA

Sweden’s ambitious national collaboration for genomic medicine

Our strategic mission is to foster collaboration between healthcare providers, academia and industry and realize precision medicine by effectively utilizing the rapidly advancing sequencing technologies to provide the highest standards of genomic testing in routine clinical care throughout Sweden.

GMS focus

Our focus

Precision medicine is the future of healthcare and our vision will be realized by adopting a stepwise approach, initially focusing on rare diseases, cancer, infectious diseases, and pharmacogenomics. By 2023, we aim to be analyzing 50,000 samples per year in routine diagnostics, thereby making genomic testing accessible to the majority of Swedish patients with rare diseases, cancer and infectious diseases. During this time GMS will build a nationwide infrastructure for research and innovation and healthcare delivery.

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Data management & informatics

Data management & informatics

GMS is building a national informatics infrastructure for the interpretation, sharing and secure storage of genomic data across Sweden. Seven regional Genomic Medicine Centers (GMCs), dispersed throughout Sweden, facilitate the implementation of precision medicine into the Swedish healthcare system enabling equal access to patients.

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GMS is a large-scale project comprising multiple stakeholders and policymakers including healthcare providers, academia, the private sector, patient organizations, as well as other national research infrastructures. GMS is also a member and actively involved in several European and international collaborative initiatives and precision medicine networks.

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Regional centers

Seven regional centers are the GMS engine

GMS is comprised of seven regional Genomic Medicine Centers (GMC). These joint centers act as the primary point of contact for sequencing patient samples within healthcare, thereby creating an integrated platform for both healthcare delivery and advanced medical research. Each GMC is a collaboration between the region with university hospital care, the university and SciLifeLab.

map over the regional centers


Participating partners

Region Skåne
Västra Götalandsregion
Region Stockholm
Region Uppsala
Region Västerbotten
Region Örebro län
Region Västergötland
Göteborg universitet
Karolinska Institutet
Lunds universitet
Linköpings Universitet
Umeå universitet
Uppsala universitet
Örebro universitet

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