The Scientific Advisory Board, SAB, is impressive about GMS ‘rapid development and the enormous work that GMS has accomplished. But emphasizes the importance of a formal national leadership structure and lists five important strategic recommendations for further work.

On November 9, GMS organized the first meeting with its international SAB. Due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, the meeting became a smaller digital meeting where GMS presented its work in the various areas of diagnosis and treatment, informatics and the legal group.

The members of SAB were very impressed by GMS ‘rapid development and the enormous work that has been done so far.

From the meeting, the members have identified five important strategic recommendations that require extra work for GMS to continue to be a successful initiative in precision medicine. In particular, it is emphasized that all strategic recommendations will require, or at least be greatly facilitated by, stronger national leadership.

The five strategic recommendations are about:

  • National leadership and coordination
  • Legal clarifications – data sharing nationally (and internationally) and secondary usage of genomic and healthcare data
  • Stable funding
  • Engagements with patients and the general public to build trust
  • Training

More about the recommendations and advice that SAB gives can be found in the report.

SAB consists of five international leading experts with broad experience from other national genomics and precision medicine initiatives, development of new legislation for data sharing and expertise in diagnostic areas and precision diagnostics (the full list can be found here). Their mission is to give management advice on the direction of GMS and provide their expertise on the organization as well as how GMS should prioritize projects.