Collaboration with SciLifeLab

One important foundation for improved precision medicine is the development of new techniques for broad gene analysis and result interpretation. Genomic Medicine Sweden works in close collaboration with Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) regarding technological development.

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Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS) originated in the Clinical Genomics facilities at SciLifeLab, which work to develop and validate new sequencing methods that are highly significant to precision medicine. The Clinical Genomics facilities belong to SciLifeLab’s diagnostics development platform. Together with universities and healthcare providers, the Clinical Genomics facilities are essential when it comes to introducing broad gene analysis in healthcare. This is carried out through GMS’s regional Genomic Medicine Centers, which are located in cities throughout Sweden.

Starting in 2019, all participating universities within GMS have a regional Clinical Genomics node which together constitutes SciLifeLab’s “Clinical Genomics Infrastructure”. These facility nodes form the technical foundation for the broad gene analyses that are performed within GMS. These complementary operations within SciLifeLab and GMS entail that instruments and technical skills within the Clinical Genomics nodes, together with GMS’s national diagnosis groups, are able to develop and validate new methods and tools for analysis that can be scaled up and used in routine healthcare.

In addition to collaboration with the diagnostics development platform, GMS also collaborates with other facilities within SciLifeLab, such as the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure (NBIS).

SciLifeLab also funds national collaborative research projects within GMS. One of these is within the scope of the Swedish Genomes Program with the purpose of introducing whole genome sequencing in clinical care for acute leukemias. Another is the national collaboration, within SciLifeLab’s Research Community Programs, which aims to explore and identify pilot projects within the area of complex diseases that can in the long run be implemented in healthcare within the scope of GMS. This has led to the start of the working group Complex diseases within GMS.




Introduction collaboration

GMS is a national initiative in genomic and precision medicine where collaboration plays a key role. Together with healthcare providers, academia, the private sector and patient organizations we create a unique foundation for strengthening Swedish healthcare, research, innovation and life-science in precision medicine.