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Collaboration with the industry for mutual exchange of knowledge and ideas is important for Genomic Medicine Sweden. Industrial collaboration contributes to the continued development of Genomic Medicine Sweden and strengthens the opportunities for new advanced diagnostics and treatments to be developed and introduced in healthcare.

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The GMS working group for innovation and industry collaboration is the contact point for the business community. Our mission is to promote business collaboration and innovation by pursuing strategic collaboration issues and supporting the implementation of collaboration activities.

How does GMS interact with industry?

Collaboration with industry can include all areas of activity within GMS. Collaborative activities are based on mutual interests and needs. These may include various forms of information and dialogue meetings, seminars and workshops for increased knowledge exchange and identification of areas for future joint research and development projects.

Download GMS Strategy for collaboration with industry

Agreement with the Swedish industry associations

The GMS partners have entered into an agreement with the Swedish industry associations Läkemedelsindustriföreningen – Lif, Swedish Medtech, SwedenBIO and Swedish Labtech on a framework for collaboration with industry in relation to GMS activities. The framework aims to support and facilitate collaboration between GMS and industry.

Download the agreement with the Swedish industry associations

Current activities

  • A web-based e-learning for healthcare professionals working with breast cancer has been launched. The course called “Precision medicine in practice – Breast cancer” (in Swedish only), is a collaboration between GMS, Roche and Novartis.
  • GMS has formalized its collaboration with Microsoft by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. The agreement lays the foundation for collaboration on specific projects to strengthen and promote precision medicine in Sweden.


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Introduction collaboration

GMS is a national initiative in genomic and precision medicine where collaboration plays a key role. Together with healthcare providers, academia, the private sector and patient organizations we create a unique foundation for strengthening Swedish healthcare, research, innovation and life-science in precision medicine.