Collaboration with industry

Collaboration with industry is of key importance for Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS), regarding both the development of GMS as well as the utilization of genomic data, that is collected and managed, for the development of new diagnostics, drugs, and clinical studies.

Two women and two men talking in front of a laptop.

The working group for innovation and industry collaboration within GMS is a contact and information forum for the private sector and will be working on a series of issues such as:


  • Creating conditions that will enable innovations in GMS to be utilized and applied in the best possible way – together with local innovation offices within each region and university.
  • Arranging workshops in particular areas that are important for GMS’s ability to achieve its goals and that will strengthen the life science industry in Sweden.
  • Creating frameworks and legal structures for how collaborations between GMS and external parties can take place.
  • Examining the possibilities for developing a common portal for data that can be made easily accessible for private sector collaborations.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding industry collaboration:

Introduction collaboration

GMS is a national initiative in genomic and precision medicine where collaboration plays a key role. Together with healthcare providers, academia, the private sector and patient organizations we create a unique foundation for strengthening Swedish healthcare, research, innovation and life-science in precision medicine.