Collaboration with academia and infrastructures

A broad collaboration with universities and researchers is essential for Genomic Medicine Sweden. Important discoveries often take place within the academic world – discoveries that are currently not accessible to patients fast enough.

Woman in green lab coat talks with colleagues

Within Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS), academia work together with healthcare providers and national infrastructures, such as Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) and Biobank Sweden, to turn new knowledge into improved healthcare. At the same time, research is conducted on outcomes in healthcare, which may provide important clues for the development of new diagnostics and treatment.

Collaboration with SciLifeLab

An important foundation for improved precision medicine is the development of new techniques for broad gene-based analysis and result interpretation. GMS was initiated from SciLifeLab’s diagnostics development platform, where we have our base of instruments, technological development and validation. Read more about GMS’s collaboration with SciLifeLab here.

Collaboration with Biobank Sweden

Biobank Sweden is a national collaboration tasked with developing a joint biobank infrastructure for healthcare providers, academia and the private sector – providing optimal conditions for both national and international collaboration. Biobank Sweden and GMS have a close collaboration as well as a common steering group.

Introduction collaboration

GMS is a national initiative in genomic and precision medicine where collaboration plays a key role. Together with healthcare providers, academia, the private sector and patient organizations we create a unique foundation for strengthening Swedish healthcare, research, innovation and life-science in precision medicine.