Organisation and governance

Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS) is a collaborative organisation between seven regional authorities with university healthcare and seven universities with a medical faculty in Sweden. Industry and patient organisations are also represented within GMS.

Contributing partners from seven regions and seven universities

Genomic Medicine Sweden builds upon a broad national commitment and consists of a collaboration between Sweden’s seven regional authorities with university healthcare and Sweden’s seven universities with medical faculties. The initiative is coordinated by Region Skåne in close collaboration with Karolinska Institutet.

Participating regions
Region Skåne (Host Region)
Region Stockholm
Region Uppsala
Region Västerbotten
Region Västra Götaland
Region Örebro CountyRegion Östergötland

Participating Universities
University of Gothenburg
Linköping University
Lund University
Karolinska Institutet
Umeå University
Uppsala University
Örebro University

In broad cooperation with healthcare and the life science sector

GMS works together with a wide range of actors within healthcare and life science including Biobank Sweden, Sweden’s Regional Cancer Centres, Clinical Studies Sweden, universities, patient organisations, industry, and other public authorities. By working together we develop the best model for introducing improved diagnostics and personalised treatment into to the healthcare system at the same time as we bolster research and innovation in precision medicine.

With regional centres as the driving force

In each of Sweden’s seven regions with university healthcare we have established regional centres for genomic medicine, so called GMCs (Genomic Medicine Centres) as collaborations between healthcare regions and universities. These centres act as primary contact points for conducting gene sequencing of patient samples within the healthcare system as well as facilitating excellent research through their connection to universities. Every GMC is responsible for introducing new diagnostics that improve the healthcare system’s ability to deliver individualised treatment. Each centre is also responsible for including other neighbouring healthcare regions (without university hospitals) in the GMS initiative to ensure that genomic medicine is provided to patients across the whole of Sweden irrespective of location.

A management group with nationwide representation

The activities of GMS are led by a management group consisting of members from the healthcare system and universities in each region. Members of the management group represent the seven regional GMCs and the various working groups within GMS.

Richard Rosenquist Brandell, Chair
Anders Edsjö, Vice-Chair
Marene Landström, GMC North (substitute Richard Palmqvist (coopted member))
Lucia Cavelier, GMC Uppsala
Gisela Helenius, GMC Örebro (substitute Dirk Repsilber (coopted member))
Anna Wedell, GMC Karolinska
Martin Hallbeck, GMC South East (substitute Peter Söderkvist (coopted member))
Lovisa Lovmar, GMC West
Hans Ehrencrona, GMC South
Anna Lindstrand, Rare inherited diseases
Thoas Fioretos, Haematological malignancies
Johan Botling, Solid tumours
David Gisselsson Nord, Pediatric cancer
Lars Engstrand, Infectious diseases
Mia Wadelius, Pharmacogenomics
Bo Jacobsson, Complex diseases
Valtteri Wirta, Informatics
Per Sikora, Informatics
Tobias Strid, informatics
Lars Palmqvist, Legal aspects
Lars-Åke Levin, Health economics
Maria Johansson, Innovation and Industry collaboration
Therese Fagerqvist, Innovation and Industry Collaboration
Maria Johansson Soller, Education
Mikaela Friedman, Communication

Co-opted members:
Charlotta Ingvoldstad Malmgren, Hannah Karlsson, Malin Melin, Peter Nygren, Tatjana Åkerblom

A strong and representative steering committee

The steering committee for GMS works with ensuring the best possible conditions for a national infrastructure for precision medicine, deciding on strategic questions regarding an effective collaboration between healthcare regions and universities, and for ensuring sustainable funding for GMS. The steering committee consists of seven members appointed by each of Sweden’s seven regions with university hospitals, two members jointly appointed by the remaining fourteen Swedish regions, seven members appointed by each of Sweden’s seven universities with medical faculties, two members appointed by industry, and two members appointed by patient organisations.

Mats Ulfendahl, Chair, Research Director, Region Östergötland
Per Albertsson, acting Research Director, Region Västra Götaland
Gunilla Bodelsson, Head of Department, Region Skåne
Ewa Carlsson, Patient organisation representative, Network against cancer
Mia von Euler, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health, Örebro University
Cecilia Fagerström, Research Director, Region Kalmar
Anders Gustafsson, Research Dean, Karolinska Institute
Eric Hanse, Vice-Dean for infrastructure, University of Gothenburg
Clara Hellner, Research Director, Region Stockholm
Malin Hollmark, Branch organisation representative, Swedish Medtech
Lena Jonasson, Dean, Linköping University
Mats G Karlsson, Research Director, Region Örebro County
Frida Lundmark, Branch organisation representative, Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (LIF)
Beatrice Melin, Research Director, Region Västerbotten
Maria Montefusco, Patient organisation representative, Rare diseases Sweden
Andreas Muranyi Scheutz, Research Director, Region Uppsala
Kent Nilsson, Head of Department, Region Västmanland
Martin L Olsson, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University
Malin Sund, Umeå University
Eva Tiensuu Janson, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Uppsala University

Coopted members:
Sonja Eaker, Biobank Sweden
Anders Edsjö, Genomic Medicine Sweden
Sara Gunnerås, SwedenBio
Hasse Knutsson, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions
Cecilia Ljungberg, Swedish Labtech
Hannie Lundgren, Research Director, Region Skåne
Anders Brinne, Vinnova
Richard Rosenquist Brandell, Genomic Medicine Sweden

Scientific Advisory Board

Dame Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Responsible Officer for Genomics in NHS England

Bettina Lundgren, CEO, Danish National Genome Center, Denmark

Jaana Sinipuro, Project Director responsible for the IHAN® – Human-driven data economy focus area at Sitra, Finland

Albrecht Stenzinger, Head of the Center for Molecular Pathology (CMP), Head of the Section for Biomarker Development and Molecular Diagnostics and Senior Consultant Pathologist at the Institute of Pathology (IPH), University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

Dag Undlien, Head of Department of Medical Genetics at Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo, Norway

Clinical reference group

In addition to the management and steering committees GMS also has a clinical reference group who support the introduction of precision medicine in Sweden and consists of specialists in rare diseases, hematology and solid tumours.

Our history

Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS) started as a bottom-up initiative within the national Diagnostics Development platform at the Swedish Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab). In 2017 and 2018 discussions with funding agencies, decision-makers, healthcare providers, patient organisations, universities, and industry led to the founding of GMS as a national venture for the implementation and development of precision medicine in Sweden.