Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova extends the funding of the national initiative Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS) with an additional 36 MSEK in order to enable individualized healthcare solutions. The new technology allows for more patients to receive the appropriate treatment at the right time. The collaboration between healthcare, industry and academia will contribute to strengthen Sweden´s position as an attractive country for innovation and clinical research.

“We are incredibly happy to have support from the Government Offices, and that Vinnova continues to fund GMS. This is a step forward towards sustainable funding for implementation of precision medicine in Sweden,” said Mats Ulfendahl, chair of the GMS Steering committee and Director of Research, Region Östergötland.

GMS will continue its long-term efforts to implement broad gene sequencing in routine healthcare, as a step towards improved diagnostics and equal healthcare for all Swedish patients. Moreover, a unique resource for research and innovation in precision medicine is being established. This will allow great opportunities for healthcare, academia and industry to collaboratively improve diagnostic and treatment solutions for the future.

Eva Tiensuu Janson, Professor in medicine at Uppsala University, senior physician at Uppsala University Hospital and member of GMS Steering committee stated that “The infrastructure that GMS is building is an important opportunity for patients to receive improved diagnostics, and thereby more individually tailored healthcare solutions. It is also a resource to increase the knowledge-base about the cause of disease, and to develop new drugs and treatments options.”

Vinnova has continuously funded the GMS initiative, and now expands the funding by an additional 36 MSEK for the remaining of 2020 and all of 2021. Additional co-funding of 52 MSEK will also be added from the participating seven regions with University Hospitals, and the corresponding seven Universities Medical Faculties. The funding will continue to contribute to implementation of precision medicine into healthcare, and further strengthen Swedish research enabling new research and innovation collaborations between industry, healthcare and academia.

Press release in Swedish from Vinnova