Collaboration is a core part of how Genomic Medicine Sweden operates and is essential in transforming healthcare both at a national level but also globally. Genomic Medicine Sweden itself is a collaboration between Swedish healthcare and academia in partnership with industry, patient organizations and other stakeholders. Internationally, we collaborate with other national initiatives and international networks within precision medicine.

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International collaboration

Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS) is globally active and in continuous contact with other national genomic initiatives throughout the Nordics, Europe, and as far afield as Australia and Canada. We also form part of the European “1+ Million Genomes” initiative, together with 19 other signatory Member States, that will enable the sharing of genomic data across the European Union.

Industry collaboration

GMS is engaging with industry to establish a national infrastructure for precision medicine that will facilitate and accelerate the use of genomic data in the development of new diagnostics, therapeutics and clinical studies in Sweden. Within GMS, a working group for innovation and industrial collaboration coordinates a broad network with industry and by initiating dialogs and developing frameworks and models aims to actively encourage and drive future partnerships. To aid in this endeavor, a reference group with representatives from the life science industry has been established to act as a guiding resource for Genomic Medicine Sweden’s collaborative work and a point of contact for industry.

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